HOLY ARE YOU | saints and sainthood

and our souls stir, hearts burning, as we feel the presence of God within us, calling, soft as a lullaby, to set us on our path towards Heaven.


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it’s all blood and a name - a mix for siblings
→ dedicated to my dear queenrhaenyra (this was long overdue!)

for: the Borgia children, the Lannisters, the Neville ladies, the Tudor girls, the Black sisters, the Stark siblings, the Pevensies, the York brothers, Eowyn & Eomer, Morgan & Arthur etc…


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THE MARCHESA :: ISABELLA D’ESTE {modern mix} | [others in the series]

For the lady that reclines in her chair – her throne – at the top of society with a cool grace. Immaculately dressed, a picture of perfection, she admires her collections of art and books all gathered around her, displaying her exquisite taste. Adored and loathed, none can rival her. Not ever. Not truly. She shines the brightest and her shadow is heavy and it cannot be easily overthrown.

Primadonna - Marina & the Diamonds | The World Is Not Enough - Garbage | PedigreePhoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws | Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches | Bitch - Meredith Brooks | Unstoppable - Kat DeLuna | Friends - Aura Dione | Everything*Alanis Morissette | A New Treasure** - Gabriel & Dresden | Every You Every Me - Placebo

[LISTEN]  *Isabella to Elisabetta ** Elisabetta to Isabella

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THOSE LIVING FOR DEATH | for: Wiseman, Prince Diamond, Blue Saphir, Green Esmeraude, Crimson Rubeus, Kōan, Bertier, Calaveras & Petz {manga+anime}

[01] annihilation – a perfect circle 
[02] orca – wintersleep 
[03] seven nation army – the white stripes/the glitch mob 
[04] heads will roll – yeah yeah yeahs
[05] power – kanye west
[06] eyes on fire – blue foundation (remix)
[07] sweet dreams – marilyn manson
[08] marche funèbre – soap&skin (remix)
[09] if i had a heart – fever ray (remix)
[10] everybody wants to rule the world – lorde (remix)
[11] dead like me – mimosa 

|| LISTEN ||

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LORD MY SOUL TO KEEP : melisandre | southern gothic!au |
Deep in the south they whisper about her, this strange apostolate clothed in red, in awe and fright. She lights fires to cast out the dark and when she speaks, her words sound like the word of God. Yes, they whisper about her, the red woman whose eyes turn crimson by the reflected flames. Some resist but most succumb to her and gather like little moths fluttering around a blaze.

“Red is a sinful colour – it’s the colour of the Devil!”
She does not blink at the accusation as she smooths her pale hands down her every-red skirts. Rather, she says softly, “No, red is the colour of the Lord. It is the colour of His wrath, but most importantly, His love. It is the colour of His fire.”
“The Devil has fire – not the Lord.”
Her smile never fades. “Is that so? Do you not burn with His fire? When you speak to Him, do you not spark inside? Does His love not consume you so wonderfully?” She glances around to see a few of the congregation nod. “His fire ignites the heart and soul but it does not turn it to ash. It purifies. It strips us of our sins and leaves us whole. Why do you think we burn the wicked? Fire, His fire, makes us glorious.”
“Then what of the fires in Hell?”
“Those are black flames, not red. They lick and scorch till there is nothing but cinders and soot. They torment and provide no pleasure. There is no light in Hell and the red flame is light.”
Her words have moved them. Some clutch their hearts whilst others whisper fervently to their neighbours. She still smiles but her gaze falls only upon those who still doubt her. Those that see the red, see the flames, and do not see the truth. A pity, she thinks, but they will believe. She will show them the way. 


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[FANMIX MEME] → for a female character: Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) 

Dark twisted fantasy turned to reality
Kissing death and losing my breath


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[FANMIX MEME] → for an OTP: Effie Trinket/Haymitch Abernathy (The Hunger Games), I want you so much but I hate your guts


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[FANMIX MEME] → for a male character: Stannis Baratheon (A Song of Ice and Fire) - general themed 

Stannis is pure iron, black and hard and strong, yes, but brittle, the way iron gets. He’ll break before he bends.


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[FANMIX MEME] → for a historical figure: Isabella of France, Queen of England


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[fanmix meme] → for mythology: Titanomachy (Τιτανομαχία)

The war that took place between the Titans and the Olympians which eventually saw, after ten years, the victory of the latter. 


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